Best EV Chargers

Best EV Chargers

by admin, March 27, 2023

Best EV Chargers

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future and now is the time to start understanding not only the EVs themselves but also the components that come with it. EVs require electricity and juicing up that battery is not as easy as simply driving to a gas station. One day EV charging stations will be more accessible but right now if you own an EV it is a good idea to install a home EV charger if you have the means.

If you own a Tesla the best option is the Tesla Wall Connector. This was made for Tesla cars so there is no need to get any other brand. Its maximum current rating of 48 A is among the highest of those currently on the market and the price point is competitive. The Wall Connector is backed by Tesla’s two-year warranty, has a 24-foot cord, and its built-in cable organizer is elegantly designed.

If you do not own a Tesla you have various different EV charger options to choose from. One of the best options in the market is the ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger. ChargePoint is one of the largest providers of public charging, with thousands of units nationwide. The ChargePoint Home option is great because it comes with remote monitoring and control, nuanced cost tracking, and smart functions integrated into the same ChargePoint app used for public charging. It is one of the most expensive options but you get what you pay for.

If you want a budget friendly EV charger check out the Grizzl-E Smart. This is considered a Level 2 product but this unit promises adjustable power delivery up to 40 A where others are limited to 32 A making this one of the more powerful chargers on the market. Users like its outer casing as it is made of thick, durable aluminum, making it one of only a few EV chargers that have metal enclosures. Most others are made of plastic. The Grizzl-E does not have a smartphone app or wifi connectivity but if you are not looking for that you can get this budget friendly EV charger for as low as $395 on Amazon.

Knowing what is out there is the first step in market research and we hope this gave you an introduction to understanding the different EV charging brands. The EV market is changing constantly so stay updated here on our monthly blog for updates.