Car Heater Issues

Car Heater Issues

by admin, December 12, 2022

Car Heater Issues

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Now that the summer months are behind us, it is going to start cooling down. If you spend part of your day in the car, especially in the chilly mornings, you will want a fully functioning car heater to keep you warm during these winter months! Today we are going to go over why your car’s heater might not be working.

If your car is not blowing warm air the first thing you should check is your engine coolant. Most of the time your car is not blowing warm air because your car’s engine does not have enough coolant. If your coolant level is too low, there is not enough hot liquid in the heater core, resulting in cold air. If this is the issue, simply top off the coolant to the appropriate level and then you should feel warm air again.

If you check the coolant level and it is not low, there might be other issues going on. One of the most common causes of your car’s failing heat is a faulty or broken thermostat. Whether your car’s thermostat is stuck open or stuck closed, either way your car will have issues with heat and the internal cooling system. If you suspect that your thermostat is broken bring it in to get it looked at.

If your engine coolant level is fine and your thermostat is fine, there is a chance that you just have a clogged heater core. This happens less often than the issues above but it is possible. Things like debris and particles can make it into the coolant system and can clog your heater core. This can happen when a radiator rusts from the inside or if debris gets through the radiator and lodges itself into the heater core. A simple clean or flushing by a trained mechanic should do the trick if this is the issue.

You want to stay warm during the winter and one way to do that is to make sure your car’s heater is working properly! Check these things if your car is not blowing warm air and if you have any questions please reach out to your car experts here at Midtown Autoworks!