Classic Cars

Classic Cars

by admin, August 29, 2022

Classic Cars

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Classic cars are such a huge part of our history. The ones that have been preserved are always so cool to look at, ride in, and appreciate. If you are a new classic car owner you need to understand that taking care of one is different than looking after a modern car. That is why were are here today. Today we will give you tips on how to properly maintain and store your classic car.

Most of the time you are only going to bring your classic car out of hibernation for spring and summer. Before doing so, wax it, service it, and wash whatever you cannot see. Waxing will help protect the paintwork from harmful elements in the air and environment. Servicing things like the tires and brake pads on classic cars is important because older parts are not the most reliable so a quick service check should be one of the first things you do to make sure it is safe to drive. Lastly, giving it a nice clean will help clear the undercarriage of the car where salt, dirt, and cobwebs hide.

Proper storage is also key to keeping your classic car in tip top shape. Your storage space should ideally offer protection from the weather, extreme temperatures, moisture, and it needs to be secure. Brick garages offer the very best protection for a classic car. This is because bricks do a great job of maintaining a stable temperature and moisture free environment, which is what you need for preventing condensation in cold conditions. If outdoor storage is your only option, invest in a cover that is built for your type of car. This will offer maximum protection and a close fit to prevent wind rub. If you are unable to find a cover that is built to the exact specification, go with one that is slightly too big and then peg it down so that everything is covered.

Classic cars require a little more effort to take care of but if you can remain consistent with these tips listed above, we promise your classic car will last for years to come. For more information on caring for you car please reach out to us here at Midtown Autoworks.