E Class Infotainment System

E Class Infotainment System

by admin, March 27, 2023

E Class Infotainment System

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Mercedes-Benz has announced that this fall their E-Class will have an updated infotainment system. The OEM confirmed that the rollout of the 2023 E-Class will begin with its Saloon model. The first wave will hit European dealerships and will eventually make its way to the U.S. later in the year. The new infotainment system will have new apps, optional premium packages, and new features that have never been seen before. Today we will highlight what some of those are.

Everybody is on TikTok these days and now customers will be able to access it inside of the 2023 Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Mercedes-Benz CEO said, “When we choose all these different apps, we go market by market or region by region. When we look at what is the most used – music or film and so on – and we tried to go down that list.” The super screen will allow drivers to click on the app and watch videos when the vehicle is parked. Passengers will have access to a portion of the screen located directly in front of them. Drivers will not be able to watch while driving.

MBUX Entertainment Plus is the optional premium package available for the new E-Class. MBUX Entertainment Plus includes enhanced hardware, connected services from Mercedes me connect, and a data package from a third-party provider. In most markets, a 5G communication module will enable an in-vehicle hotspot for connected consumer devices.

Other premium options include an advanced camera-based visual shield function that allows the display to automatically lower its brightness if the driver looks at the passenger – reducing the risk of distracted driving. There is also a new ‘Just Talk’ function that allows for the vehicle’s intelligent voice control system to be activated without saying ‘Hey Mercedes’. Along with TikTok customers will be able to access other apps like Webex or Zoom and will be able to take personal photos and videos.

The 2023 E-Class will have a cool infotainment system that makes the sell so much easier. Look out for these when they hit the U.S. market in the fall because they will go quickly!