Infotainment System MBUX

Infotainment System MBUX

by admin, March 29, 2021

Infotainment System MBUX

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Mercedes-Benz is a company that stands out when compared to its competitors. Why? Because their product is exceptional year after year. They are always improving what they manufacture and hardly ever disappoint. One part of their product that seems to always be improving drastically is their infotainment system. They call it the Mercedes-Benz User Experience or MBUX. Today we are going to highlight what makes their infotainment system so great.

The first thing that makes MBUX stand out is its rich content. The range of information that MBUX offers is pretty impressive. For example, not only does it offer news, sports, weather, information about your vehicle and navigation, but it can also locate charging stations if you are driving an EQC. Aside from that you can also order movies, check on flight schedules, access a dictionary, and even get information on air quality, horoscopes, the lottery, etc. The amount of content that is made accessible to you, the driver, is crazy and it will only increase as Mercedes-Benz continues to better their technology.

One way that they have improved their technology through the MBUX system in the past couple of years is by constantly updating their artificial intelligence. According to Nils Schanz, head of user interaction for Mercedes-Benz research and development, 80 percent of Mercedes-Benz users say voice is the most important control element in the car; 83 percent of consumers believe voice commands make it easier to search for information, and 89 percent said voice commands make searches faster. Schanz said, “More than 80 percent of our vehicles are equipped with MBUX because the customers order it. This shows that we have hit the nerve.”

In short, Mercedes-Benz’ infotainment system is a big reason why they continue to be atop various luxury car lists. MBUX is new, it is always being improved, and has no barriers as Mercedes-Benz has only scratched the surface with their compelling system.

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