Maintaining Your Hybrid

Maintaining Your Hybrid

by admin, January 26, 2022

Maintaining Your Hybrid

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Whether you drive a gasoline powered car, EV, or a hybrid it is important to maintain it on a regular basis. The kind of maintenance varies slightly based on the makeup of your car and in the past we have gone over gasoline powered cars and EVs but never a hybrid. Today that changes as we will finally review the best ways to maintain and prolong the life of your hybrid.

To begin, remember that with a hybrid you are still driving a gasoline engine. The electric motor under a hybrid’s hood works together with a gasoline engine. That being said, traditional maintenance is still very important and required. Things like regular oil changes should be a priority. One thing to remember is that hybrid cars do require more frequent coolant checks because there is additional heat caused by the battery pack.

Next, because you will have an electric motor you need to maintain in. Though the moving parts are minimal you still need to keep an eye on it. The parts that might wear out are not hard to replace and are often very affordable. Like any vehicle, if you stick to a proactive service and maintenance schedule your vehicle’s longevity will increase and you will keep repair costs low.

The most important things to watch out for are the two different kinds of batteries. Hybrid vehicles have two batteries. The hybrid battery that handles the electrical charge and a traditional battery. Both need to be maintained to keep your hybrid vehicle safe, reliable, and cost-effective. Note that hybrid batteries will last longer than traditional batteries but they tend to be extremely expensive when it is time for a replacement. Expect the battery to last about 100,000 miles or about 8 years. These batteries cost more because they have to supply a higher level of power to the vehicle, supplying some of the power that the engine would have provided in a regular gasoline powered car. If you are aware of these replacement costs and are consistent with regular maintenance you will be just fine.

In closing, the best thing we can advise is to simply read your owner’s manual, get familiar with your car and how it works, bring it in for regular maintenance, and treat it well. If you do all of these things your car will last for that much longer.

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