Mercedes-Benz EQ Lineup

Mercedes-Benz EQ Lineup

by admin, November 29, 2021

Mercedes-Benz EQ Lineup In The U.S.

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The Mercedes-Benz first generation EQC was supposed to launch the brand’s electric ambitions in the U.S. but Mercedes-Benz scrapped the idea and decided to wait. Mercedes-Benz CEO said, “When you launch a new brand, you have to have the right products. We cannot come to the market with half-cooked plans. Clearly we were not ready to launch the EQ brand. We made the decision to delay the launch of the brand to prepare ourselves and the network with the right product.” With that said the wait is finally over! According to reports by Automotive News the U.S. can expect the next generation model of the EQC to make its way over after the current model runs its course. The differences, however, will probably be drastically different.

Today the EQC is based on the gasoline-powered GLC SUV and not a dedicated EV platform. The next generation will probably ride on a dedicated EV platform which should improve packaging and range. The next generation model will probably arrive closer to the year 2025. There is anticipation that the next generation model will be a very important one for the Mercedes-Benz brand in the U.S. The GLC is the second best-selling model in the states and it only makes sense that it will become the sales driver for Mercedes-Benz’ EV push.

There is also some anticipation that Mercedes-Benz will roll out their electrified C-Class for consumers who still prefer compact executive sedans around the same time the EQC shows up. Chances are that this EV sedan will not be called the EQC since the crossover already uses that name so we will have to wait and see what the brand decides to call their EV sedan. Overall, consumers can expect the company to have at least four pure Mercedes-Benz EVs within the next half-decade so keep your eyes peeled.

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