Mercedes Benz Hyperscreen

Mercedes Benz Hyperscreen

by admin, December 12, 2022

Mercedes Benz Hyperscreen

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One of the most compelling features of the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS is the MBUX Hyperscreen. The Hyperscreen is currently the most advanced infotainment system on the market. This is no surprise as Mercedes-Benz has always been a leader in new and innovative technology. Today we are going to highlight some of the coolest features of this Hyperscreen.

The Mercedes-Benz MBUX Hyperscreen is a game changer because it accurately represents where we are in both automotive technology and interior design. With the Hyperscreen you get artificial intelligence technology, high quality OLED screens, and a huge 56-inch surface area. All things that have never been seen before.

One technological feature that makes the Hyperscreen stand out is the “Zero Layer Technology”. Mercedes-Benz’ “Zero Layer Technology” means that the car will anticipate the items that the driver will need front and center. Mercedes-Benz has learned that drivers used music, navigation, and phone features above all others. So, this new “Zero Layer Technology” will place these live at the top of the screen.

The screen itself is made up of actually three separate screens. One for the driver, one for the center stack duties, and one for the passenger. The three screens are located under a large piece of freeform glass. That single outside layer of freeform glass gives the Hyperscreen a flowing, floating design that makes it appear as one single screen. Other manufacturers will produce similar screens but this Mercedes-Benz branded 56-inch wide Hyperscreen will be known as the first and likely the best for at least the next few years.

If you want to see the Hyperscreen for yourself, if you have the means, you can go out and by a new Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan and have this system all to yourself. The price point has choked sales and we are hoping that Mercedes-Benz will offer this type of screen or technology in some of, if not all, of their four EVs that are set to come out next year.

The Hyperscreen is the best thing out there and no other car can compete. If not the current EQS keep your eye out for Mercedes-Benz technology to trickle down to all models within the next year or two.