Porsche & Tactile Mobility

Porsche & Tactile Mobility

by admin, May 27, 2020

Porsche & Tactile Mobility

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Late last year Porsche invested in an Israeli start-up called Tactile Mobility. Tactile Mobility is one of the leaders in the field of “tactile data” and they are based in Haifa. The Israeli company’s tactility-sensing innovation is designed to empower multiple data solutions that maximize safety, user-experience, and driving efficiency in the mobility industry. Their software and data grants smart autonomous vehicles with the ability to feel the road. According to Executive Board Member for Research and Development at Porsche Michael Steiner, their “tactile data” simulates a sense of touch. Steiner said that in their process, “an algorithm processes data that is provided by different physical sensors which are already available. Tactile Mobility’s method helps us collect additional information about the condition of vehicles and roads that goes beyond the information that can be obtained with conventional sensor systems.” Steiner also stated that amongst other use cases, “tactile data” will hopefully improve the assessment of the friction coefficient between tires and the road surface while a vehicle is moving.

The advanced technology can be used in autonomous cars, but also in cars with computers that include adaptive driving systems. The Porsche policy says that they build cars for people who like to drive. They do not want to take the fun of driving away with this new technology. Porsche has promised not to use Tactile Mobility’s technology as part of the development of an autonomous Porsche. Instead, Porsche will use the Tactile Mobility system technology to aid drivers during their journey. For example, using the Tactile Mobility technology to automatically drive the car during a traffic jam. 

The start-up raised over $9 million late last year with Porsche being one of the top investors. With this investment in new technology, Porsche is getting ready to take on the market by storm in the very near future.  

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