Porsche Three Row Crossover

Porsche Three Row Crossover

by admin, December 31, 2021

Porsche Three Row Crossover

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When you hear the name Porsche you probably think 911, racecar, sporty, or something along those lines. But Porsche might be expanding their lineup as there are rumors that they are working on a three-row crossover to slot just above the Cayenne.

According the The Drive this new three-row crossover was previewed at a dealer event and is apparently a range-topping crossover-like vehicle featuring a plug-in hybrid drivetrain and three rows of seats. There is no name for it yet but Automotive News reported that it could be larger than the Porsche Cayenne and could be some sort of lifted wagon sort of thing. Those present at the dealer preview described the concept model as “rakish”, “very un-Porsche-like”, with a “flat rear design”.

Of course, like all rumors, this is not a sure thing and nothing is promised. A spokesman for Porsche Cars North America said, “we’re grateful for such creativity within our business, as we’re continually exploring new opportunities and where we might compete in the future. Whether these go any further than renderings and ideas to make it to the production stage – let alone how they will be powered or configured – is undecided.”

Porsche fans and enthusiasts do believe this is more than just an idea. Why? Well because the Tesla Model Y has sold out in the United States for the rest of 2021. The demand is obviously there and as stated above, Porsche is looking to take any opportunity to compete in the future with other dominating brands in the market. If Porsche does decide to bring this three-rower into production we probably will not see it until the second half of this decade.

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