Private Jet Porsche 911 Together

Private Jet Porsche 911 Together

by admin, November 27, 2020

Private Jet Porsche 911 Together

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If you have $10 million sitting around then this article is for you. If you do not, well, then this article will just be a fun and interesting read. So, let us get to it. Porsche and Embraer are collaborating on what they call the Duet. The Duet will pair a Phenom 300E jet with a matching 911 Turbo S.

Yes, you read that correctly. A matching Porsche and private jet. According to Car and Driver, the upper part of the car is painted platinum silver metallic, and the lower part is jet gray metallic. They say that the car, like the Embraer, is hand-painted. The doorsills read “No Step,” just like the warning sign on a plane’s wing. Motor Authority says that the interior of the Porsche features leather trim in a combination of black and chalk. The steering wheel also features the two-tone leather combination, along with 12 o’clock marking in blue, and the Sport Chrono’s dial features the image of the horizon to simulate the gyroscope in the jet’s cockpit. One of the coolest touches is the individual registration of the matching jet, which can be found on the Porsche’s rear wing and key.

On top of all that the ten lucky buyers (only 10 pairs are destined for production) will also receive a matching luggage set and watch.

The 911 Turbo S will have the same specs as all 2021 models. For those curious about the private jet specs, the Embraer has an expected range of about 2,000 nautical miles and an altitude of 45,000 feet.

Again, for most this is just an interesting read. However, if you are lucky enough to have $10 million ready to spend, then why not be one of the ten people who own a private jet that matches your Porsche?