Red Flags Caused by Your Air Filter

Red Flags Caused by Your Air Filter

by admin, January 31, 2021

Red Flags Caused by Your Air Filter

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Your air filter can make a huge difference to your engine and overall car’s performance. A clean air filter increases fuel efficiency, reduces emissions, and leads to a prolonged engine life. Replacing your air filter is a pretty quick and inexpensive service and is not required that often. That being said it is difficult to know exactly when your air filter might need to be switched out. These common car problems can be solved by simply checking and replacing your air filter.

Strange engine noises might scare you but it could just be your air filter. If you notice unusual noises like a coughing, popping, or spitting noise, it suggests that the engine is not getting enough airflow. This means that your air filter probably needs to be replaced. When your car is idling or stationary you should feel and hear the vibrations of an efficient engine.

Smoke or flames in the exhaust is also pretty scary. An insufficient air supply means your engine will be running on a fuel-rich mixture, which will not burn completely before it enters the exhaust to leave the car as a black soot-like residue. This harmful residue can be seen as black smoke. The heat in the exhaust might even ignite the unburnt fuel and this could cause flames at the end of the exhaust.

A lit up check engine light is also never fun. An inadequate supply of air could potentially result in carbon deposits accumulating in the engine, which will eventually trigger your check engine light. Check your air filter immediately before you run other diagnostics on your car.

Again, air filters are relatively quick and easy to deal with if you are consistent in regularly checking them and making sure they are clean and dirt free. See your manual for your car’s specific recommended changes.

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