Simple EV Maintenance

Simple EV Maintenance

by admin, November 29, 2021

Simple EV Maintenance

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Maintaining EVs are slightly different than maintaining gasoline-powered vehicles. The engineering is different. The make up is different. The components that make up an EV are different and that means services will be different as well. In general, maintaining an EV is easier and today we are going to tell you why.

To begin, services will be a lot simpler due to the fact that most EVs only have three main components that need to be cared for. The electric car engine, the inverter, and the on-board charger. These three are where the most investment in maintenance is required. So, instead of things like oil, cooling systems, spark plugs, and fuel pumps, EVs will be a lot less to worry about overall. Because there are fewer elements to maintain the maintenance costs can be a lot lower. Of course, this will depend on the model to a certain extent but in general the money coming out of your pocket for maintenance should be a lot less relatively speaking.

Brake pads are really important and should be checked regularly but the difference between EVs and gasoline-powered vehicles is that with regenerative braking, checking brake pads is generally much easier to do. Regenerative braking helps to avoid the energy loss that takes place when a regular car brakes. Instead, when the brake pedal is pressed in an EV, the motor reverses, which slows down the wheels of the car but at the same time generates energy that is transferred to the car’s batteries for later use. Although brake pads need to be checked regularly, EVs tend to require half the brake maintenance that a regular gasoline-powered vehicle would need.

From fewer parts to more efficient components EVs still need to be maintained to prolong the life of the vehicle but requires a lot less work. When you bring your EV in for maintenance you can expect lower costs and quicker turnaround times.

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