Sports Cars With Space

Sports Cars With Space

by admin, July 5, 2022

Sports Cars With Space

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Porsche has a “sports car” reputation and many associate that phrase with little to no space. However, that could not be further from the truth. Porsche manufactures some of the best sports cars that have plenty of space. Space for your legs, space for your cargo, and space for your family! Today we are going to highlight three Porsche cars that are built with lots of room.

We have to begin with Porsche’s SUV, the Cayenne. We have talked a lot about this car in the past but for good reason. One of those reasons being that this SUV has a ton of cargo space. It actually has the most space of any Porsche model. It comes with 27.2 cubic feet behind the back row and 60.3 cubic feet when the back row is down. The coupe has 22 cubic feet behind the back row and 54.3 cubic feet when the back row is down. Plenty of cargo space for storing all of your belongings.

If you do not need that much space the Panamera is a good choice. The pros to this model is that you will get a sports car in a four-door package. The seats are spacious and none of the passengers will feel crammed. Overall, the Panamera is large, carries a lot of weight, but is surprisingly quick and nimble for its linebacker size.

Lastly, one of Porsche’s most popular models, the Macan. The Macan often fits every buyer’s needs in terms of space. You get enough space without feeling like you are driving a truck. Specifically, 17.2 cubic feet behind the back seats and 52.9 cubic feet when those are folded down. Every model comes with a power liftgate so storage and loading are made simple.

Any of these will give you a significant amount of space and you will still get the benefit of driving a luxury sports car. For more information on sizing of any of these cars please reach out to us here at Midtown Autoworks.