Taking Care of Your Brakes 

Taking Care of Your Brakes 

by admin, December 23, 2019

Taking Care of Your Brakes 

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Your brakes are arguably the most important part of your car. The light changes from green to red, you press the brake pedal, and you come to a stop. You are in stop and go traffic and you switch between gas and brake, gas and brake, and it works time after time. Quite simply, without your brakes, you do not have a working car. Because your brakes are one of the most important aspects of your car, we are going to discuss how to keep them well maintained for the life of your vehicle. 

To properly maintain your brakes, it is important to understand that your brake usage can play a major part in operating efficiency. Having a heavy foot, however, can also result in bad brakes. With a heavy foot comes a drastic decrease in the life of your equipment because you are putting too much heat into the pads and rotors. If this heat does not have time to dissipate properly, there is a chance that you will warp the rotors. That being said, refrain from driving with a heavy foot as it could lead bad results.

Part of maintaining your brakes is being able to detect problems. If you are driving and notice anything like a weird vibration or hear a high pitched noise when slowing down, then it is probably time to schedule an appointment to get your brakes checked out. Pads are usually the first in the system to fail and are designed to make it quite noticeable when it happens. Just be aware and pay attention to how your car is responding to deceleration and you will know when something is wrong. 

The third way you can make sure you are maintaining your brakes correctly is by getting them checked regularly. If you know your way around the insides of a car then you may do it yourself. But if not, bring it into Midtown Autoworks and we can do it for you. When you bring your car in for any service, we check your brakes too – every single time. We promise that every car that leaves our shop will have properly working brakes. 

Use these tips on brake maintenance to help you remain safe on the road as this should be the number one priority. For more information on brakes visit Midtown Autoworks today!