Year End Deals

Year End Deals

by admin, December 12, 2022

Year End Deals

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Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and year end deals are all here until 2023. Retail sales are all over the place but now is also the best time to buy a car. If you want a new car now is the time to get one. Dealerships are highly motivated to move cars that are on their lots and that gives you an advantage. Today we will give you tips on buying a new car at the end of the year.

Start earlier rather than later. The earlier you start the car shopping process the better. Very rarely do people walk onto a car lot, find a car they want, sign the papers, and drive off. That is almost always never the case. Early December is a great time to start. Dealerships get busier than usual between Christmas and New Year’s because people are off work and have time to car shop. That leaves salespeople less time to spend on you. Instead of waiting until the last week of December, start the process now!

We also recommend that you go into the dealership with some level of flexibility. We say this because if you want a popular car that is selling well, you might run into other buyers who are willing to pay a higher price. But if you are not too picky about having the latest and greatest, there will be bargains that you will not be expecting. Scoring the absolute best value is what year end deals are all about, so keep an open mind and look at every option.

Lastly, to save time and to be efficient we recommend beginning your car search online. Learn about all of the available options from the comfort of your home. Get quotes from different dealerships online and see which ones have the best deals. Websites like Ryde Shopper, Edmunds, Motor Trend, or Cars Direct have user friendly tools to help you find the car that is best for you.

December is known for being the best month to buy a car so if you are on the market, do the things listed above and there is a good chance you will be entering 2023 with a new ride.