Independent Service Centers

Independent Service Centers

by admin, July 26, 2021

Independent Service Centers

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It is hard to beat dealerships because they have all of the resources needed to serve their customers. When you want to buy a car what is the first place that comes to mind? Dealership. How about when your brand new car is under warranty and it needs repairs? Again, dealership. Although dealerships have the money and the resources to give you everything you need that does not mean they are the best option. Today we are going to explain why taking your car to an independent service center might be more beneficial.

If you are a DIY-er, like getting your hands dirty, or want to simply gain more knowledge about what is actually going on under your hood then an independent service center is probably your best bet. The cool thing about working with an independent service center is that you often learn a lot about your car. You are more likely to get a breakdown of what is wrong. They have time for you and you are not just another customer they have to get through to stay on schedule.

If you are devoted to a particular brand of car then an independent service center is the way to go. Why? Because independent service centers have employees that get down into that special thing that makes people passionate about their cars. Your car is something to bond over. You will also get to meet lots of other owners who share your affection for a particular brand.

Lastly, if you want cheaper options across the board (for repairs, maintenance, etc.) then you want to stay away from dealerships. If your car is not under warranty, dealerships will take advantage and get the most out of your pocket as they can. On the flip side, independent service centers will be real with you for the most part. If you find a good shop they will advise you on what to repair and what to ignore. At the end of the day if you just want honesty then avoid dealerships.

Independent service centers are great for many reasons and can benefit you and your car even more so than dealerships. At independent service centers like Midtown Autoworks, you will get knowledge, a better experience overall, and honesty that will end up saving you loads of money.

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