Types of Warranty Coverages

Types of Warranty Coverages

by admin, December 31, 2020

Types of Warranty Coverages

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There are three main types of warranty coverages that new car drivers should be aware of. Bumper to bumper, powertrain, and corrosion/rust. Today we will be going over what each of these warranty coverages entail.

Bumper to bumper: Another name for this type of coverage is “comprehensive warranty”. This warranty is the primary part of any standard factory warranty. It covers all of the parts and systems in a vehicle. All major systems, heating and air conditioning, electrical components, safety features, steering, high tech systems, hybrid vehicle parts, etc. This coverage is meant to address defect issues that are most likely to come up in a car’s first few years of life.

Powertrain: This type of coverage includes the most important parts for keeping your car in motion. Things like the engine, transmission, driveshafts, axles, and gaskets are typically covered with a powertrain warranty. This type of warranty tends to last the longest in a standard factory warranty, making sure the vehicle will run longer, even when the comprehensive bumper to bumper coverage has expired.

Corrosion/rust: Corrosion often occurs because of damage to a car after a collision or as a result of salt, water, and other environmental factors. This type of warranty covers the cost of repairing all the corrosion that builds up on your vehicle. Almost all automakers include corrosion/rust warranty for a certain period of time and distance. Most corrosion/rust warranties only cover surface rust but this coverage can be valuable if you drive in extreme cold or humid locations or as your vehicle gets older and rust damage starts to build up.

These are the three main types of warranties that are almost always offered to new car owners. They each cover different areas of your car and should be understood before you decide to invest in a new car.

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