2020 Porsche 911

2020 Porsche 911

by admin, October 21, 2019

2020 Porsche 911

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The Taycan has gotten most of the attention from Porsche fanatics and the media but do not forget about the classic 911. With the new year just a few months away, let’s review what Porsche owners will get in the all new 2020 Porsche 911. 

According to Csaba Csere, an editor for Car and Driver, in next year’s model of the 911 owners can expect to get plenty of power, clairvoyant dual-clutch automatic, graceful, and mega-capable on the road. All the things that are expected from a 911. However, owners can expect some changes as well. Specifically, in the exterior style and interior design. 

They can expect a thoroughly revamped 911 beginning with updated sheet metal. The 2020 911 will have a wider bodywork that was previously reserved only for the GTS and AWD models. This new body means that the rear track will be significantly wider and come with more voluptuous hips. Additionally, owners can expect a more squared-off frunk lid and flattened headlight bubbles. In the back, lights will be connected with a thin, full-width reflector bar that will give the back more of a slit-eyed appearance. 

Internally, there will be some major changes compared to last year’s model. The 2020 model will come with a new digital layout that is mounted in a broad dash defined by straight lines. The interior profile looks much more clean, tidy, and professional. The ergonomics and interior comfort have improved according to critics and is certainly going to surprise most passengers. From the driver’s perspective, one thing that will remain consistent is the rev counter holding the prominent position behind the wheel, centered and highly visible. 

Though the media and press have been primarily focusing on the Taycan, if you are looking for a solid and reliable Porsche to invest in, the 2020 Porsche 911 is a great option. 

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