Owner first commitment with Porsche

Owner first commitment with Porsche

by admin, October 25, 2017

Owner first commitment with Porsche

Owner first commitment gives Porsche a winning formula

In these days of tight economic conditions and providers under pressure to meet the ever-increasing demands of their aware consumers, perhaps there is some appreciation for that “bottom line” dictum! However, for many companies, keeping their shareholders happy with a seemingly healthy “bottom line” is the priority of many executives and their obedient managers.

It is a situation that shows consumers the differences when dealing with an organization like Porsche and a Sacramento Porsche mechanic in the workshop! Their dealers do not just want to sell you, as a first-time buyer a vehicle; they are committed to turning you into Porsche enthusiast and regular customer.

For those associated with a Porsche franchise, it’s not a job, but a way of life and a commitment to customer service that has proven a winning formula throughout their history. It’s part of a belief that a critical aspect for any owner is the after-sales customer support provided, especially by your Sacramento Porsche mechanic!

It is a situation that is advertised by many and varied providers, but which generally becomes lost in the atmosphere of cost-cutting and promoting an image. Practically, for the customers, it’s a case of the usual heap big talk with little or no action! However, the Porsche customer commitment takes a different route, with a policy that coordinates comprehensive management with the customer, to ensure they experience their purchase as an individual and not just another statistic!

Modern-age technology can produce a never-ending stream of communication to consumers, which can be primarily useless and usually ignored. The Porsche attitude is to individually profile their customers and determine the required type of interaction accordingly. This can include service from your Sacramento Porsche mechanic, all of which effectively helps in generating business by recommendations and distinct re-purchase options.

Owner first commitment with Porsche


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