Boxster 718

Boxster 718

by admin, January 27, 2020

Boxster 718:  Breaking Down the 2020 718 Boxster 

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Happy New Year from all of us here at Midtown Autoworks. We hope you enjoyed the holiday season with all of your closest friends and family. Now that the holidays are over, let’s get back to work and talk about what we love the most – CARS! Today we will be breaking down the new Porsche 718 Boxster. 

The 718 Boxster is Porsche’s soft-top sportscar. Known for a perfectly balanced chassis and serene steering, many reviews have this model on their top ten list of best sportscars in 2020. The Boxster comes with a trio of turbocharged flat-fours and will charm with speedy acceleration and a pair of terrific transmissions. 

Sitting low on the road, absent of the rump of a 911, cast in a tightly drawn fabric roof, the 718’s style has been and always will be the Porsche that is easiest on the eye. Its well-balanced proportions echo its body as the engine sits right behind the driver keeping everything well weighted. 

Technology within the 718 is nothing too crazy. Because of the small two-seat sportscar design, there is no Tesla-like tablet-style touchscreen. Instead there is a smaller touchscreen and a lot of little buttons like any other Porsche car. Of course, you get things like DAB, satnav, and Bluetooth phone connection but nothing too advanced. 

Unlike the technology within the 718, power IS something to rave about. Not because the power is overwhelming but because drivers will hit the sweet spot between power and fun with this car. The Boxster provides enough thrill through acceleration and noise to satisfy most drivers. 300 horsepower, rear wheel drive, and 0-62mph in five seconds is nothing like a 911 but it will give drivers a sportscar feel. 

Though Porsche is obviously not known for the 718 Boxster, it is a phenomenal option for someone who wants a head turning luxury convertible. For more information on the 718 Boxster or on any other Porsche car, visit us at Midtown Autoworks! 

Mercedes Porsche Mechanic | Midtown Auto Repair | Services | Sacramento