Midtown Autoworks Mechanic

Midtown Autoworks Mechanic

by admin, October 25, 2017


Midtown Autoworks Mechanic : We feel for those in the Sacramento area looking for a Porsche mechanic, but we are happy that Midtown Autoworks can provide you a mechanic and repair service that will get you on the road, quickly and safely.  

Midtown Autoworks, an independent, locally-owned business located in midtown Sacramento opened its doors with over 12 years of Porsche dealership experience.  Our owner is a certified Porsche Master Technician, ASE Certified Master Technician, ASE Certified Engine Performance Specialist, and Porsche Hybrid trained.  His mission is to provide Sacramento porsche repair and maintenance services to the entire area, and provide superior service to every customer that walks into his 6,000sqft facility.

The amount of expertise and customer service that you’ll receive from our shop is incomparable to other area independent businesses.  Our customers are our friends, and we will stop at nothing to figure out what service or repair your car needs, quickly deploy one of our highly-trained mechanics to work on your vehicle, and make sure you can hit the road, with an understanding of your repair and next steps on how to maintain the performance of your Porsche. We also encourage you to refer to your user’s manual to make sure that you are properly servicing your car, and giving it the care it needs to stay running, performing, and enjoyable every second of the day.  
In the unfortunate circumstance a major repair is needed, Midtown Autoworks’ dedication to our industry ensures that we have the most up-to-date technology and equipment to work on Porsches, new and old.  You aren’t on your own.  We are here to help and happy to do so.  Before you are in a Porsche repair scenario we would love to have you in our shop for a cup of coffee, give you a tour of our shop, or give us a call and we can talk over the phone about your car’s needs, and work with you to set a maintenance service that will accomodate your busy schedule.  We are also happy to provide you a ride to work, and make sure you can get around ok while your car is in our shop.  To learn more about our services take a tour of our Porsche service web page.  

Midtown Autoworks Mechanic

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