Royal Falcon One

Royal Falcon One

by admin, November 27, 2019

Royal Falcon One

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Porsche is a very unique brand. They come out with products that are luxury, prestigious, and full of new surprises year after year. This year, however, is a bit different. Porsche has shocked the world by recently releasing their superyacht called the Royal Falcon One. The Porsche-designed superyacht is now on sale and is drawing lots of attention. 

“A spaceship on water” is what Tamara Hardingham-Gill of CNN stated in her article covering this new Porsche superyacht. Rumors of this superyacht production began about ten years ago and now, looks more than worth the wait. The Royal Falcon One was designed by Studio F.A. Porsche and built by Singapore’s Falcon Fleet. According to Studio F.A. Porsche, the goal of this superyacht was to, “create a completely different stance impression, almost resembling the track of a sports car.” This 135-foot superyacht has the capacity to hold a total of twenty people, ten guests and ten crew members. It features a catamaran design, a style whereby two parallel hulls act like legs, lifting the whole ship off the water. “The unorthodox shape is meant to differentiate the yacht from its peers” according to Royal Falcon Fleet CEO and president M A Zaman. The superyacht houses three guest cabins on the main deck, while the master suite and VIP suite on the upper deck. 

The Royal Falcon One has given Porsche lovers an opportunity to take their enthusiasm for the brand from the land to the seas. Sure, this superyacht is not something people are going to see on a regular basis as they would Porsche cars driving down the street. However, the idea that Porsche is now designing more than just luxury sports cars is something to get excited about. It is new, different, and exciting. Simply put, brilliancy at it’s finest…because that is what Porsche is all about.