Car Wash : Under The Hood

Car Wash : Under The Hood

by admin, April 25, 2022

Car Wash : Under The Hood

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Cleaning what is under the hood of your car is just as important as cleaning the exterior. A dirty engine is actually worse for your car than a dirty exterior. Things like grease, fuel, and oil build up and this can cause damaged wires, hoses, and impede your car’s performance. Today we are going to go over how you can easily wash what is hiding under the hood of your car.

First, pop your car’s hood open and remove large debris. Dead leaves are prone to being sucked into the engine, but even heavier things like sticks can get trapped under the hood and cause major damage. Pull any debris out of the engine and do not forget to remove debris that is sitting at the bottom the windshield.

Next you will want to apply degreaser. Degreaser is a great option for breaking up oil and fuel residue that is clinging to your engine components, allowing them to be washed clean. If you have a relatively clean engine already, coating the block with degreaser should be good enough. If you have a relatively dirty engine, apply the degreaser, let it sit for about twenty minutes and then start scrubbing.

Lastly, scrub and rinse your engine and all the surfaces with a rag. Stiff-bristled brushes work well to get off any caked-on build-up. Wire or hard plastic bristles can be used as well. Once you are finished, air-drying is the best option. The best place for this is a garage with the door open since that will allow great airflow while still keeping your car’s engine block protected from debris.

Cleaning your car’s engine is a relatively quick and easy process. If you form a habit of cleaning under the hood of your car every time you get your car’s exterior washed you will keep your entire car in the best condition possible. For more information on car care please reach out to us here at Midtown Autoworks.